Flaky alarm?

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Flaky alarm?

Post by Frobisher » Fri Aug 29, 2014 9:44 am

After 2 months of solid running, my alarm is weirding out on me. I can drive down the road, and it will start blinking inside and out, clicking (the relay, I assume), and the doors won't lock/unlock. Then, sometimes, it won't start. Or it will, even if the alarm is flashing all the lights. Last night, it started blinking around 200am all by itself.

I fixed the windows ecu this summer and EVERYTHING was working correctly. Might it be a short in the ecu again? I have a spare one to pop in, but I figured I'd ask for anyone's suggestion. Frobisher might have to be renamed Sybil if this keeps up.

1995 Discovery I

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