Trans Filter and Refill

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Trans Filter and Refill

Post by conrad1468 » Tue Jul 29, 2014 8:28 am

Hello Gang,
I did my auto trans fluid change and new filter install. I've always driven manual trans my whole life. Only time I've owned or driven an autobox is with the 2 Land Rovers I've owned. I'm even considering doing a manual trans swap in my D2 someday.

I googled a few write ups so it was a piece of cake to do. The biggest pain the butt is getting those little pan bolts started back in!!! I was cush'n up a storm!! haha... But I got it all put back together.

There's a little magnet by the drain hole. It only had a little bit of metal dust on it. I'm guessing that's pretty good. Sorry, I couldn;t take a picture I was covered in ATF. The fluid didn't look fresh and the filter was pretty nasty too. At least on the outside.

The refill has got to be the messes in the world!! I was pumping Proline Dexron III ATF in while my wife was shifting thru the gears. Fluid was squirting out of the fill hole. It was a mess!! I did notice the trans held more fluid in gear 1 than all the other gears. I'm going to top off the fluid one more time this evening to double check.

I also did an oil change. I used Castrol 10w-40. The dealer I bought the truck from was a Chevy dealer. They did an oil change for me so they had an AC Delco filter on it. It's kind of short in comparison to the Mahle filter. I'm glad that's off there.

Other then the sunroof leaks and the AC drain drips on the carpet. The water saga will hopfully be fixed soon!! The truck has been running like a champ!
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Re: Trans Filter and Refill

Post by dcarr1971 » Fri Aug 01, 2014 10:26 am

Great! Keep us posted if you run into any problems. It sounds like you've got the Trans filter down pat though...
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Re: Trans Filter and Refill

Post by Harv » Fri Aug 01, 2014 11:55 am

Use this guy next oil change. PUROLATOR #L40316 Made by Mann but rebadged as a Purolator.

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